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2023 is Year of the Rabbit!
The Lunar Calendar celebrates Bunnies this year,
and so are we:

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This is a Downloadable eBook in PDF form.

Keep Your Rabbits Healthy: How to Improve Health and Conquer Common Rabbit Diseases.

Finally - Help for deciphering your rabbit's symptoms! This 92-page eBook covers the gamut of keeping your rabbits healthy. It will help you recognize symptoms of rabbit disease and then show you how to cure or treat the problem cause. When in doubt always consult a vet. It also describes the living conditions that best ensure rabbit health.
Getting your rabbit healthy and keeping it healthy involves two steps:
  1. Providing living conditions that promote health, while eliminating those conditions that tend to insult the rabbit's health
  2. Recognizing the implications of various symptoms, and then taking the right measures that will result in a return to health
Please Note: The care of a professional veterinarian may be necessary; this e-book does NOT eliminate this need. We're not vets! When necessary, always seek veterinary assistance. 
Keep Your Rabbits Healthy Table of Contents:
  • Non-Infectious Health Challenges:
    Spinal injuries, cannibalism, dystocia, trichobezoars, heat prostration, hutch burn, hypothermia in newborn kits, red urine, white urine, problems with rabbit feet, problems with rabbit teeth such as malocclusion

  • Respiratory Diseases:
    Pasteurellosis (Snuffles and more), Layman's guide to recognizing Pasteurellosis, How to (eventually) eliminate Pasteurellosis in a rabbitry, all about the BunnyVac, vaccine immunity limitations, Bordetellosis

  • Intestinal Diseases:
    Introduction to Dysbiosis and Rabbit Diarrhea, Mild Bunny Diarrhea (or Bunny Enterotoxemia), Coccidiosis, Enterotoxemia, Epizootic Rabbit Enteropathy (ERE), Mucoid Enteritis, Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD or RVHD), Tyzzer's Disease

  • Various Parasites:
    Ear Mites, Encephalitozoonosis (EC or Nosema), Fur Mites, Pinworms, Raccoon Roundworm (Baylisascariasis), Ringworm, Tapeworm and its life cycle

  • Other Infectious Diseases:
    Abscesses, Mastitis, Myxomatosis, Rabbit Syphilis, Young Doe Syndrome

  • More Information:
    Caring for the Disabled Rabbit

Why did we create "Keep Your Rabbits Healthy?"
Fully one-fourth of our Storey-published book, Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, is dedicated to rabbit health and identifying and eliminating rabbit disease. The health section is a superb, non-Q&A health and disease resource, while the rest of the book provides answers covering every other aspect of rabbit care.
If for some reason Rabbit Raising Problem Solver is not available to you, you will find "Keep Your Rabbits Healthy" a very useful and convenient rabbit health resource. It downloads as a PDF file. It can be viewed through any free PDF reader such as Adobe Reader, and then printed for use away from the computer, should you wish to do so. You'll have a handy reference for whenever you need it.
Find more information about Keep Your Rabbits Healthy here.
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