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2023 is Year of the Rabbit!
The Lunar Calendar celebrates Bunnies this year,
and so are we:

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Pet Rabbit Living Spaces - Hutches, Runs, Pens & Cages for Pet Rabbits

Easily build your own rabbit cage with Pet Rabbit Living Spaces. We started with our basic all-wire cage, and then let our imaginations explode.

  • There are homemade PVC Hutch Frames of whatever size is right for your rabbit
  • Plus, all sorts of various cage dimensions, too
  • Every single project is filled with detailed illustrations - many more pictures, diagrams and large photos so you know exactly what to do
  • We created a PVC hutch frame with tall legs, bringing the rabbit closer to your eye level for enhanced enjoyment of your pet. Use this frame indoors or outdoors.
  • Want to give your pet rabbit an outdoor romp? Okay, there's plans for a 30-inch-high folding rabbit pen. The pen works indoors, too. Open it up and use it as a gate between rooms in your house.
  • An expansive yet secure rabbit run is included - with pimped out instructions. The run provides protection on all 6 sides.
  • How about an eye-level, single-tiered outdoor PVC hutch frame for 2-4 pet rabbits? We thought that'd be something we'd want too, so we built it, and love it!
  • Check out the "Cadillac" -- a 'self-cooling' two-part outdoor rabbit house plus burrow. You'll never worry about summertime again. Seriously.
  • Bonus Section - Healthy Environments - to help you set up your rabbit living space and keep it clean.

"Thanks - this is just what I was looking for!" (Patricia, USA)

Pet Rabbit Living Spaces contains 69 pages and 13 chapters of rabbit-pleasing plans.

More description located at Build Your Own Rabbit Cage.

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