Domestic Rabbit Breeds - A Kaleidoscope of Variety - eBook PDF

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2023 is Year of the Rabbit!
The Lunar Calendar celebrates Bunnies this year,
and so are we:

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Domestic Rabbit Breeds - A Kaleidoscope of Variety - eBook PDF

Domestic Rabbit Breeds: A Kaleidoscope of Variety is a 206-page World of Raising Rabbits e-book featuring descriptions and many photos of 50 breeds of rabbits in the USA, plus domestic rabbit breeds in the UK, NZ, AUS, and around the world. 

What a fix for one's fascination with so many rabbit breeds! You may be surprised at how many rabbit fanciers over the years couldn't find just the rabbit they were searching for, so they decided to create what they needed. 
Now the world has:
  • 1.5 pound rabbits and 40+ pound rabbits
  • 0.5 inch long fur up to 7-inch-long fur
  • Normal fur and translucent satin fur
  • Heavy boned and fine-boned rabbits
  • Snaky, racy, or muscle-bound rabbits
  • From ONE original wild fur color have come 144 fur colors to choose from!

"Domestic Rabbit Breeds" shares all that diversity with you.
How else does the "Domestic Rabbit Breeds" e-book help you?
  • It'll help you figure out what breed your pet rabbit is (or at least narrow down the possibilities)

  • It provides tons of large-size vibrant photos of the USA rabbit breeds

  • It touches on the history of each rabbit breed, so you know where and why the breed was developed

  • It gives you the main characteristics of each breed, such as size, varieties, distinctives and sometimes disqualifications (for all the nitty gritty, you'll need the ARBA Standards of Perfection, copyrighted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association)

  • It'll help you figure out if one rabbit breed is better than another one for your needs

  • It'll describe the main uses for each breed of rabbit

  • The beautiful photos may make you happy :-)
Find more info about Domestic Rabbit Breeds here.
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