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 2023 is Year of the Rabbit!

The Lunar Calendar celebrates Bunnies this year,
and so are we:

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Rabbit Reproduction

As easily as rabbits seem to multiply, there are a surprising number of glitches in the process of rabbit reproduction that every rabbit owner should know about. It'll help avoid disasters in domestic rabbit litters, whether those litters were accidentally or purposely bred.

This e-book is entirely focused on reproducing rabbits, walking you through the process of mating, and then covering the entire season of a rabbit's life from conception to teenage-hood, so you will be able to avoid many of the typical losses.
But, this e-book is NOT just for rabbit breeders. 

If you've been shocked by the discovery of a fur nest filled with kits 
("They said the rabbits were both GIRLS!"), 
this e-book is for you!

Many pet owners enjoy producing a litter every once in a while. Plus, the number of accidental litters among pet rabbits is the stuff of legend. If you discover that your pet rabbit just had a litter, you suspect she may be pregnant, or you plan on mating your pet rabbit, this e-book will be an indispensable resource. 
Rabbit Mating:
Building on the foundation of mating bucks and does, Rabbit Reproduction explores all the scenarios:
  • What magic you can work when the doe refuses to cooperate with the buck (because that day WILL come)
  • Age and size constraints for mating
  • What happens if siblings end up mating, either accidentally or on purpose
  • When or IF to do test breeding, and all the ramifications that might result
  • How bucks interact with baby kits and youngsters, plus your options with housing the buck with the doe...or not
  • The chances of a breeding occurring through the cage wire or chain link fence
Taking care of the Doe through its pregnancy and up to Kindling:
You already know five clues to a pregnant rabbit (but we'll list them again just in case). But more that that, Rabbit Reproduction will spell out:
  • Good record-keeping
  • What various rabbit pregnancies can look like
  • The how and why of false pregnancies
  • Various gestational problems such as miscarriages, birth defects, and important feed-related connections to rabbit health problems or inability to reproduce
  • Nest box size and preparation
  • What you can use as a nesting box instead of a commercially constructed rabbit nest box
Handling the rabbit birth and any frightening contingencies that may arise:
  • How to safely check the nest and the kits, even on the first day of their birth
  • Normal rabbit care after kindling
  • The psychology of litter destruction
  • Intervening when the doe, or kits, need help
  • Dealing with a hyper-aggressive doe
  • How to obtain more fur for the nest
  • Special nest box concerns with Angora rabbits
  • Dealing with the doe that has built her nest outside the nest box
  • What do do when a doe abandons her kits, fails to mother them, or even harms them
  • First time mothers - are all first-time does stupid??
  • Young Doe Syndrome
  • Handling kits that are unthrifty, including the ultra-tiny Peanut
  • Fostering Kits to a different doe
  • Hand-feeding orphaned kits, including the best formula I have found
  • How to keep Singleton Kits alive and warm
  • Reviving chilled kits
  • Rebreeding the doe after the loss of an unweaned litter
  • What do do when the doe and buck re-mate immediately after kindling
Taking care of the baby kits from birth till weaning:
  • Your responsibilities
  • Mastitis in the Lactating doe
  • Not enough milk
  • When a few kits hog all the milk
  • The "Trash Can Trick" for hungry kits
  • Help the doe nurse her kits
  • Normal home or barn routine with young kits
  • The breeder's job during this fun stage of raising baby rabbits
  • Raising bunnies that are not quite weaning
  • Weaning the bunnies
  • Raising baby rabbits age 7-9 weeks old
  • Feeding bunnies between age 3 weeks to 10+ weeks
  • Sudden death in bunnies
Weaning...Sexing...Rebreeding the buck and the doe:
  • Physiological weaning versus physical weaning
  • STRESS at weaning time
  • Implementing a weaning process (rather than an event)
  • How to tell the gender of a rabbit
  • Selective breeding for rabbit herd improvement

Find more information about Rabbit Reproduction here.
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