Feeding Your Rabbits (With or Without Pellets) - eBook

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Feeding Your Rabbits - With or Without Pellets

Feeding Your Rabbits eBook provides all rabbit feeding options for optimal rabbit health, whether feeding only hay, raw ingredients, and garden scraps, or whether you like the convenience of commercial pellets but also want to add more nutrition. This 74-page e-book provides comprehensive information on all aspects of feeding rabbits.
Raising-Rabbits frequently receives questions about feeding rabbits, for example, 
"What do rabbits eat?" Or, 
"Can I feed this or that to my rabbit?" Or, 
"I gave my rabbit a huge bowl of lettuce, plus an oatmeal cookie, and some noodles and nuts. Now it's putting out a dark ooze; what should I do?" 
Your rabbit's survival might depend on what it eats, or might be threatened by what it shouldn't eat but does. 
How will "Feeding Your Rabbits" help you?
  • It'll help you be smart about feeding your rabbits
  • It'll help your rabbits stay healthy
  • It'll help you prevent more cases of rabbit diarrhea
  • It'll help you safely feed more than just rabbit pellets
  • It'll help you safely feed ONLY fresh forages, if you so wish
  • It'll help keep your rabbitry survival rates up (both adults and youngsters)
  • It might also keep your rabbitry smelling fresh and sweet
  • It'll help your does make more milk
  • It'll reduce the number of kits you have to bottlefeed
  • But, it'll help you bottlefeed when you need to
  • It'll increase your chances of winning at rabbit shows (if you like showing rabbits)
  • It'll help you save money! Pellets are expensive -- but the the massive list of pet-safe plants and huge tips on feeding forages will improve your ability to either eliminate pellets, or supplement them by choosing from a large variety of veggies and forages, even including some (free!) weeds.
This e-book costs less than most 5-pound bags of commercial rabbit pellets. Chances are you'll more than recoup the cost of this e-book in a matter of weeks by implementing changes in how you feed your rabbits!
Contents, Chapter by Chapter
Chapter 1: A Rabbit's Nutrient Needs
  • What wild European rabbits typically eat, which gives a model of how to feed
  • Nutritional needs and percentages of: Fiber, protein, carbohydrates, fats, water
  • Vitamins, minerals
Chapter 2: The Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch Feeding Program
  • One ranch's feeding program and how it is managed
  • Adding fresh forages to a pelleted feed diet
  • How to add supplemental fats, if necessary
  • How to decrease the protein ration if feeding pellets
  • Feeding rabbits according to their life stages, from weaning to old age
Chapter 3: Feeding for Specific Situations
  • Feeding pet rabbits
  • Overweight rabbits
  • Old age
  • Feeding rabbits that work 
Chapter 4: Feed Supplementation for Conditioning
  • How to boost the show rabbit’s condition
  • Rabbit Conditioning Formula (with variations)
  • Supporting excellent health for pet rabbits and older rabbits
  • Co-Factors for successful show rabbit conditioning
  • Troubleshooting when rabbits have problems attaining excellent condition, from infections, to genetics, to weather and more
Chapter 5: Qualities of Excellent Rabbit Pellets
  • Recognize 6 traits of excellent quality rabbit pellets
Chapter 6: Mold is not good
  • Toxins in mold that can harm or kill rabbits
  • Checking for mold in hay and pellets
  • How to store hay safely
Chapter 7: Cecotrophy and Herbivore Digestive Processes
  • Full explanation of rabbit digestion, illustrated
  • Cecotrophy: The mechanics of obtaining two completely different types of droppings from the same 'down chute'
  • Cecotropes contents
  • Why cecotrophy is critical to a rabbit's wellbeing
  • How rabbits obtain bacterial protein every day
  • Understanding how rabbit digestion functions improves one's ability to keep rabbits healthy
Chapter 8: Feeding Baby Rabbit Orphans
  • We didn't forget the bunnies. Learn how and when to feed bunnies and orphan bunnies
  • How to feed orphan bunnies at various ages when orphaned
Chapter 9: Bottle Feeding and Care Instructions
  • Expert bottle feeding instructions from an expert wildlife rehabber and from PetAg, the respected animal milk formula manufacturer
  • Instructions for bottle feeding suitable for both wild cottontails and our domestic rabbits
  • Other milk formulas (for use in an emergency)
Chapter 10: Reducing or Eliminating Pelleted Feed
  • Learn how to feed your rabbits with no rabbit pellets at all (and possibly save a lot of $$$)
  • Why feed without pellets
  • Learn from our own forage feeding experiment
  • Plan A, B, and C - three options for feeding without pellets
  • How to safely transition to feeding greens
  • Obtaining sufficient protein: 10 high protein forages and their nutrient contents (chart)
  • Research results - how to safely feed these 10 high protein forages
  • How to denature anti-nutrients (protein digestion inhibitors)
  • Many other additional forages to feed
  • Do-It-Yourself Pastures, and edible landscaping
  • How to prepare for the scarcity of winter during abundance of spring and summer
  • The logistics of how to feed forages, amounts, keeping the cage clean
  • How to get the percentages of nutrients more or less right
Chapter 11: Pet-Safe Plants and Forages
  • A very long list of plants that are safe for your rabbits to eat
  • A shorter list of toxic plants
  • A list of plants that can be fed with care
  • These lists are enlarged from our already long lists on Raising-Rabbits.com
Chapter 12: The Ethics of Raising and Using Rabbits
  • The physiological truth about the ethics of raising and using rabbits
  • (Humans cannot survive without eating animal nutrition)
  • We included ethics because of the animal-rights push to ban the use of animals 
Chapter 13: References
  • We did a LOT of research in order to ensure that the info we present is true and accurate. 
Chapter 14: Resources
  • Links to over 35 excellent products that may be useful to your efforts to feed your rabbits
  • Saves you the time of searching high and low for the exact item needed
Find more information about Feeding Your Rabbits here.
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