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2023 is Year of the Rabbit!
The Lunar Calendar celebrates Bunnies this year,
and so are we:


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DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing - for Meat & Show Rabbits

DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing will help you build several types of rabbit cages and hutch frames most suited for anyone with 4+ rabbits, such as show rabbit breeders, homesteaders, even pet owners who keep quite a few rabbits. The plans include: 

  • All-wire cage, with specifications for variable cage dimensions
  • Two-tier PVC hutch frame holding 4 (four) 36x30 cages
  • A single-tier PVC hutch frame supporting 2 (two) 36x30 cages
  • A 2'x8' covered rabbit run
  • A 4'x7.5' covered rabbit run, with wheels at one end for easy moving
  • A double-tier hutch frame constructed of angle iron
  • Tips on repairing both wire cages and PVC hutch frames
  • Photos, ideas, and suggestions (albeit not plans) for building a large rabbit barn for show rabbits or commercial meat rabbit operations
"I love these plans using PVC pipe to build a rack for hanging cages. I'm going to build one this weekend" (Laural in MN)
"Your DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing book is fantastic. I am interested in the angle iron hutch, personally. I think the book will give a hand to a lot of new rabbit breeders" (Rick, TX)
You can find more description of this e-book at DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing.
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