Rabbit Toy by Raising-Rabbits - Small

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Banish boredom! ~ Let bunny chew and gnaw to its heart's content! ~ Bunny will love you!

These toys for rabbits are hand-made in the United States with impeccable attention to detail! 

All toys are constructed of local Pacific Northwest alder, pine, maple or fir wood which is cut into rings or sticks. The pieces are connected by multiple high-quality swivels resulting in a toy that is not static. The toy grabs the rabbit's attention by its movement and the rabbit gets to work at gripping, chewing, and gnawing the wood. They are designed to hang from the cage wire. Most have bells attached for additional entertainment value. 

Because they are so sturdy, your rabbit will have to work long and hard to chew these toys into oblivion!

Toy weighs approximately 5-6 ounces.

Designs may vary. There is space on the order form to leave us a comment, should you have a strong design preference.


NOTE: Toys constructed with pine cones (ponderosa pine) should not be given to does that are pregnant or that may be pregnant, due to the possibility of miscarriage.