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Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

For the first-time pet owner and the experienced livestock farmer alike, rabbit expert Karen Patry addresses questions and concerns about housing, feeding, breeding, and caring for rabbits at every stage of their lives. You'll find proven answers and humane solutions to all your rabbit raising quandaries, from choosing productive meat and fiber breeds to preparing a proper nest box, from avoiding an unexpected pregnancy (or dealing with it!), to ensuring all your rabbits remain healthy. This book covers every imaginable scenario, from the cradle to the rainbow. 

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver is "an excellent, well-written book that will become a classic resource for experienced and novice rabbit breeders" (Don Atchison, President of the National Rex Rabbit Club).
"Just wanted to tell you I love love love your book! It is my rabbit bible. Seriously. As soon as I found it, I put all other books down. The questions and answers made it so simple to learn. You get right to the point. Thank you so much!”  (Lynette, CA)
The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver is divided into 4 parts:
  • Part One: This part presents information about the rabbit's nature in the wild, as a pet, and as a livestock rabbit. This section answers questions such as: why is my rabbit hiding under the bed, can I litter-train my rabbit (yes!) and how to do it, why does my rabbit drop pellets in my lap or on my bed, what are the best breeds for pet rabbits, and very much more.
  • Part Two: This section addresses the basic husbandry choices of feeding and housing your rabbits. The book takes a balanced approach to both, eliminating the mystery of several controversial issues, such as what to feed rabbits and how much of each, and whether or not to use hard floors or wire floors in rabbit hutches and cages.

  • Part Three: Rabbits do what rabbits do best - reproduce. This is a long section as these are the topics that at time flummox breeders and pet owners. This section includes answers related to everything from the act of mating (how and where), to pregnant rabbits, kindling, nursing the babies, and baby rabbit care. You'll learn about false pregnancies, kindling on the wire, checking the nest box, and weaning the babies (how and when). Plus you'll learn to correctly tell the gender of the youngsters.

  • Part Four: In this section we broke with the Q&A format in order to give you just about as comprehensive a section on rabbit health and both common and uncommon diseases as one can get without buying a book on veterinary medicine. Seriously.

    Many days and weeks of research, including the help of a research assistant, went into this section. If you have a rabbit-savvy vet nearby, please DO utilize his or her expertise! But for those many breeders and owners throughout the USA and internationally that do not have ready access to veterinary support, we believe that this section of the book will save rabbit lives, depending on the rabbits' health challenges.

    Part 4 includes whole chapters on respiratory problems and on intestinal problems, including various sources of diarrhea and how to fix (if it is not too late). Additionally, you'll get answers to all the common rabbit ailments such as parasites, teeth problems, or fur chewing, and a few of the weird ones, such as warbles or floppy rabbit syndrome.  

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver was written for all rabbit owners, both pet owners and livestock rabbit owners. The book is a standalone volume that answers the vast majority of every rabbit raiser's or pet rabbit owner's questions about raising rabbits. But if also coupled with the usual basic book on raising rabbits, such as Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits, the rabbit breeder or owner will need no other resources in order to turn himself into an "expert" on rabbit care!

Find more information about Rabbit Raising Problem Solver here.

"I finished the book…it is so good! You touch all the bases and you cover everything from medical technical to hands-on-the-rabbits fun and funny. Really, very well done, just right and so real.
"You write like you are talking to a person, not just to the ‘reader.’ I do not know many folks who can sit down to read a how-to, inform-me kind of book, and when they are through, be smiling, and better informed and also to have had some laughs and smiles along the way, as I did" (Belinda, WA) 

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  • 5
    This is an excellent book

    Posted by Kelli S Revoir on Sep 27th 2020

    I have several books and this was the last one I purchased. If I had seen this book before purchasing the others, I would have only needed this one!

  • 5
    Must Have Book!

    Posted by Dawn on Jul 22nd 2020

    This book was recommended to us by a 4H leader and mentor. It has been such an invaluable resource that I had to buy a 2nd copy when the kids lost the 1st one. Easy to locate info using a question and answer format. When something weird pops up I can quickly find that section and read the answers. Easy to understand and very straight forward and honest. I tell all of our buyers to purchase this book if they can only buy 1.