Combo Books - Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits and Patry's Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

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Karen's Rabbit Raising Problem Solver and Bob Bennett's Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits (5th Edition), both published by Storey Publications, complement each other. Between both books, you'll find no stone unturned! 


First: Learn the basics of raising rabbits from Bennett's "Best-selling Classic." This is the book that introduced me to raising rabbits years ago. The 5th edition is the newest one, presented in full color, and better than ever. It has received a 4.6-star rating from 319 reviewers.

  • Per Amazon reviewer Quality Plus: "...A frank, clear, usable, and inspirational book on rabbits as livestock...It covers rabbits thoroughly enough including their breeds, feeding, care, and housing in a detail that would also be useful to owners of pet rabbits."

Second: Solve your rabbit raising problems with an autographed copy of Karen's 
Rabbit Raising Problem Solver. Besides complete answers and explanations of each problem and solution, a full section (83 pages) is dedicated to health and common diseases (and even some uncommon ones) your rabbits might encounter. It has received a 4.6-star rating from 164 reviewers. 

  • Per Amazon reviewer PhDinAK: "This is the most useful book on rabbits I have ever read in 30+ years of rabbit raising. It has clear information for beginners as well as enough detail and substance to interest long-time rabbit keepers. The breadth of topics is incredible; there is very little I have encountered in rabbit keeping that is not addressed here. Its balanced approach is properly concerned with the welfare of the animals but wonderfully free of the PETA/animal rights influence evident in so many books regarding the care of animals."

  • Per Amazon reviewer RS: "I have read MANY rabbit books and this one is my favorite. It can easily be used by both rabbit breeders and pet owners which I have never encountered in another rabbit book. It covers almost all aspects of owning one or more rabbits. Literally the ONLY things missing from this book are a complete list of plants that are toxic to rabbits and information on training your rabbits. It has a very in depth section on rabbit illnesses which is a must for any emergencies...."

Get them both for a flat, bottom-line price of $45.00. Price includes both books and all shipping and packaging!