Aromatherapy Rabbit Resting Mat

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2023 is Year of the Rabbit!
The Lunar Calendar celebrates Bunnies this year,
and so are we:

30% Discount on Resting Mats until 9 February 2024!!!


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Aromatherapeutic Rabbit Resting Mats are all natural woven straw which have been infused with genuine lavender essential oil. Our rabbit resting mats combine rabbit comfort and foot health with soothing aromatherapy, for overall vibrant rabbit health, whether in a cage or in your home.

Additionally, Raising-Rabbits Aromatherapy Resting Mats are safe and chewable, which is an important rabbit behavior.

Resting mats provide a smooth surface for bunny to sit or lounge on, especially in all wire cages. 

The lavender essential oil provides a wonderful fragrance that tends to calm and soothe rabbits, even when they are stressed. 

Encourage rabbit chewing without worry! No problem with these mats, which are completely safe for chewing, provide plenty of nontoxic fiber, and the genuine lavender essential oil provides a soothing and calming effect, along with a tiny bit of nutritional support.

Mats can be cleaned and refreshed for as long as they last in your rabbit's cage or living spaces.