50 Rabbit Climate Controlled Rabbitry

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The ultimate in rabbit ranching.This is a turnkey 50-compartment plug-and-play rabbitry.  

All that is needed is 110 volt 20-amp dedicated outlet, water connection/ source, and the rabbits to fill the cages.

It comes with a specialized evaporative cooling system, an automatic watering system, and quadruple stacked compartments with pull-out waste pans.

The rabbitry comes with light fixtures, enough room for a work table, and is insulated. You can add fans, misters, heaters, and whatever else you need to protect your herd from blistering heat and frigid cold.

The 50 Rabbit Climate Controlled Rabbitry is 10 foot by 20 foot for $20k. 
The 100 Rabbit Climate Controlled Rabbitry is 12 foot by 40 foot for $50K. (See other listing) 

This building is customizable as a rabbitry but also can be used for Quail or other small animals.  These can be configured as a doe breeding barn, grow-out barn, or a combo of the two.

If you're serious about rabbits, it's worth it!