Frozen Raw Rabbit Skinned and Gutted - 50 lbs - US ONLY

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Frozen Raw Rabbit Skinned and Gutted - 50 lbs - Shipping Included in Price - Available in the Continental US ONLY for now. 

~~~Shipments of 50 pounds have been temporarily suspended 
due to FedEx doubling shipping rates for boxes over 50 pounds. 
We are ready and able to accept orders for 30 pounds of frozen rabbit.~~~


50 pounds of frozen raw rabbit which is gutted, skinned, and packaged individually. Heads and feet are removed along with the intestines and other offal, but the organs are included - heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. Sizes of rabbits included usually vary between 3 pounds to 4 pounds.

The total cost equates to $6.79 per pound, which is the BOTTOM LINE cost. Price includes FedEx shipping and heavy-duty packaging for frozen goods.
(Consider ordering 50 pounds at a time during hot weather (around or above 90 degrees F.), as the larger frozen mass tends to extend the ability to ship to your area during the hotter weather.)
More info about our frozen rabbit products can be found here.
Sorry, available in the Continental US ONLY - Orders outside will be refunded minus credit card Fees.