Stackable Double Rabbit Cage without Waste Pan - 19 inch height

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These Rabbit cages are designed with the New Zealand White rabbit in mind, though they are sure to work well for all other medium to small meat breed bunnies.

The  dimensions of the cage are 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep. The individual cage is a19 inches high, with the living area for the rabbit being 15 inches. The total size of the Double Stackable Cage is 3 feet wide, by 2 feet deep, by 38 inches high. Free shipping on all cage orders.

This cage is designed with an open underneath compartment to add a waste collection pan, keeping your rabbit sanitary and healthy, and making it easy to clean. (Cage pictured has waste pan. Stackable Double Rabbit Cage With Waste Pan included is $260. See other listing.)

Sometimes rabbits need their own space, and now they can have it. 

The ceiling, walls, and floors are all made from inch by half inch wire. The walls and ceilings are 16 gauge inch by half inch. The floors are a very comfortable 14 gauge inch by half inch material, galvanized after weld. 

The holes are small enough to keep predatory rodents and reptiles out, and keep newborn babies in.  They've even been reported as having held off a German Shepard attack.

This gives the rabbits' feet the most support while still allowing their waste to drop through. This provides a sanitary environment for the rabbits, preventing disease and keeping them healthy. These cages allow air flow to keep the rabbit comfortable.

The cage does need to be assembled, and there is a handy, easy to follow YouTube video showing you exactly how to do it.

It is recommended that all stacked cages should be secured to an anchoring structure, such as a post, wall, or sturdy support frame.

The cage also comes with several assembly clips, so if you drop some, you have plenty of spares. 


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