Frozen Rabbit - Whole Prey Intact - 30 lbs - US ONLY

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Frozen Rabbit - Whole Prey Intact - 30lbs - Shipping is included in Price - Available in Continental US ONLY for now.



Thirty (30) pounds of whole prey intact raw frozen rabbits, for the purpose of feeding pet dogs and cats species-appropriate food. Rabbits include fur and entrails, and are packaged individually. They are suitable for feeding "whole prey." 


Rabbits will typically weigh 3 - 5 pounds, with a few smaller and a few bigger rabbits.


The total includes a cost of $3.49 per pound, plus a single charge of $52.49 for shipping, handling and special, double-walled packaging for frozen goods.


More info about our frozen rabbit products can be found here.



Sorry, available Continental US ONLY - Orders outside will be refunded minus credit card Fees.