Natural Animal Fiber Blend Knit Caps, Hand Crafted

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Indulge in luxury with hand knitted caps from Diana’s Design.

These beautiful caps are made with a blend of natural animal fibers for comfort and warmth, and synthetic fibers for durability and ease of care. The colors are gentle neutral shades that can complement any wardrobe, from charming rustic to city chic. These hats were inspired by the beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest where they were lovingly crafted. When you look at and feel these caps, it’s like experiencing the natural beauty of Washington state with its stately trees and pristine beaches. Choose from a variety of gorgeous colors inspired by nature:


  • Western Hemlock (30% mohair/70% acrylic) 
  • Seafoam Green with Sandy Beach Brim (30% mohair/70% acrylic) 
  • Sandy Beach with Seafoam Green Brim (30% mohair/70% acrylic) 
  • Wildflowers (30% mohair/70% acrylic) 
  • Hydrangea (20% mohair/20% wool/60% acrylic)


Why buy animal fiber? Animal fibers are a natural resource that replenishes the earth. The rabbits, sheep, and goats that provide fibers are part of the natural ecology, so they are a green renewable resource. Animal fibers provide warmth while wicking away moisture, meaning you stay dry, healthy and comfortable. Animal fibers also have flame retardant properties; in the days before synthetic fabrics, it was recommended that children’s sleepwear be made from protective wool. These caps also make great gifts for special people in your life. Animal fiber caps are quality, luxury, and style.