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Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages

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Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages
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Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages Includes ALL of our Cage, Hutch, Pen, 'Self-Cooling-Cage-Cadillac,' & Rabbit Run-Building Expertise, every single plan we've created.

You'll find:
  • Two large rabbit runs, one that comes with wheels
  • Measurements for customizing the sizes of both cages and hutch frames to suit your own space needs
  • Several intriguing re-designs of our indoor PVC rabbit hutch frame
  • How to set up a homemade indoor cage without a hutch frame, but instead with a deep drop-pan
  • Sturdy hutch frames constructed of angle iron
  • A self-cooling rabbit "burrow" with an attached cage; we call this the "Cadillac"
  • Info and recommendations about colonies and pastured rabbits
  • How to repair, or alter, both cages and PVC hutch frames
  • How to maintain a healthy environment for your rabbits
  • A peak into a state-of-the-art show rabbit barn (suitable for a commercial meat rabbit producing farm)
120 pages packed with plans, photos, measurements, variations, and great ideas.

If you like what you see throughout the Raising-Rabbits website, you’ll be pleased with the enhanced and illustrated directions found in "Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages" and the many plans not presented on Raising-Rabbits.

"Your e-book was a 14, no, make that a 24 'carrot' book! The pictures were clear and the wording was easy to read and understand (whether to an expert or a novice). Your book was so helpful and descriptive. We're going to get started.... Thanks!" (D. Sutherland, Walla Walla, WA).

If you order Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages, you will NOT need either the Pet Rabbit Living Spaces OR DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing. Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages contains ALL our cage, hutch and rabbit run plans.

See more description for this e-book at Plans for Building Rabbit Cages.

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