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Raising-Rabbits.com Store

Karen and Raising-Rabbits.com strive to bring to you high quality, indispensable, useful items that will serve you and your rabbits well for many years. We either use these products ourselves, or the products and workmanship have passed our inspection. We're proud of the items in our store!

The cage manufacturer that fulfills your orders has made a big relocation across state lines. Naturally, not all of their employees have chosen to make the move with the company. It takes time to train new personnel and new machinists, and it takes time to re-set-up the manufacturing process. The month of November 2016 was occupied with moving and training. The month of December 2016 is still seeing significant delays in getting new orders filled and shipped out, since there is still some remaining order backlog.

All this to say: 
The Raising-Rabbits Store IS open for business, but unfortunately you should not yet trust our cage manufacturer to provide cages and rabbit supplies in a timely fashion, at least through the end of 2016. When this changes we will change or delete this note. 

The following products are NOT AFFECTED and will be shipped quickly:
  • Books and e-books
  • Bunny Bran conditioning supplement
  • Frozen raw rabbit for dog and cat consumption
  • Rabbit Toys
As always, your satisfaction is very important. Please let us know if you find anything amiss in the store, or if anything is not just right with your order. We will make it right asap.

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Thank you for shopping with us!